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Try Connectivities and choose your theme! Our single-purchase mini boxes are designed to get you started with four impactful, easy-to-do activities. These mini boxes will give you opportunities to create meaningful connections through fun, engaging themes.

What you get with each box:

• 4 different activities
• Step-by-step directions
• Instructional video support
• Differentiation when activities are too hard or too easy
• Access to our Facebook support group for caregivers
• Extensions for activities
• Specific therapy goals for all activities 



    How it works

    1. Choose your box. We offer boxes of activities for individual family and group settings!

    2. Connect. With Connectivities, it's about the process not the final product. Your box will be delivered monthly and contain all the supplies and instructions you need to create meaningful connections.

    3. Discover. Find useful resources, videos and more in our online community of support.

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