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Each of our activities for Diverse Learners comes with connecting conversation starters, instructions, instructional and content videos, a focus on five different skill areas and measurement tools for each area.

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Why Connectivities?

Aligned to Standards

Each Connectivities activity is aligned to the DLM essential standards for ELA, Math, and Science as well as the CASEL Social Emotional competencies.

Evidence based activities

that are rooted in multisensory, hands on learning experiences that create a safe, supportive space which kids need to take risks, engage, or try something new.

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2024 School Pricing

Digital Only

Digital Plus



$150 per teacher

$169 per student

$299 per student

Access to Connectivities Database through custom portal Option included Option included Option included
Unlimited Downloads Option included Option included Option included
Student Materials (provided for 40 activities a year) *2 year contract Option not included Option included Option not included
Student Materials for 80 activities a year Option not included Option not included Option included

Prorated pricing available once school year has started and printing packages available upon request.