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Written Testimonials

  • Please keep making these! They are fantastic, and the therapy goals really make a difference. It reminds me a lot of Montessori dementia care philosophy, learning new skills and meeting goals. So fun and easy to unbox! Residents have really enjoyed the activities. They have learned new things and have felt proud of themselves and had fun! -Jessica Frederickson, Goodwin Living
  • I had been searching for activities to keep my mom engaged for awhile. As a former teacher this has been great. Thanks so much. Love it. Gave my Mom something else to do besides watch tv. I want to have her engaged and using her brain. -Josephine P.
  • Very useful in keeping my mother active & engaged! She loves opening each bag for the activity & spending time engaged in the activity. I am very happy with your subscription boxes. It saves me time looking for appropriate crafts on Pinterest & having to gather all the materials. My mother with late/middle Alzheimer’s really enjoys most activities & it has been a great way for us to spend time together & keep her engaged & entertained! Thank you! -Laura Duvall
  • I think this is a great product and have told several people that I use it as my activities go to. -Cindy J.
  • My Mom lives out of state, and I visit once a month. When I visit, I love that I can grab an activity and do it with her. My niece lives there, too, and she can also grab an activity and do it. So, though I don't need a monthly box, I DO love having them on hand. -Laura Janusik
  • I had a lovely time with my father with the Fall Sensory Box sparking conversation and memories. -Peggy H.
  • Before we came to visit, our grandmother was having a hard morning. Nothing seemed to motivate or ground her to the present moment. We showed her the Connectivities box and started the beach activity with sand and seashells. It all changed as we visited the beaches of California together (her home for 67 years before moving to Kansas). Her great-grandson remembered, her granddaughter added more details, and her daughter cried and smiled that we had a moment we could share together in real time. It was beyond lovely, and life giving to all of us! Thank you Connectivity team for giving our family an opportunity to connect with each other. -Bren Tally
  • Dementia has been often described as challenging for family caregivers. This can be an understatement. Decreasing mobility and understanding on the part of the senior can make visiting and finding something to do during visits to do with affected seniors much more difficult. Family caregivers may become torn with deciding what is possible to do with Mom or Dad, how much to do with Mom or Dad, or (sadly) even how much value an activity can bring.The Connectivities Activity Box provides quality answers. This cleverly designed and thoughtful box, available through a monthly subscription, contains eight different activities intended to promote a dementia patient’s cognitive, motor, social, and sensory skills. Each activity is recommended by memory care experts and includes detailed instructional videos. Additionally, each box comes with an occupational therapist created exercise video and a music therapist video with music exercises. With the Connectivities Activity Box, family caregivers will not only better connect with their loved one, but they can also connect with other family caregivers through a private Facebook group. -Rick Lauber, Caregivers Guide
  • Having something that's been thought through by people that have spent a lot of time researching engaging – they know that information. It saves a lot of time. It saves a lot of questioning. -Kalissa Green
  • I like the idea of having something from somebody who knows what they're doing. I trust they have put together a product where we might find something that we would enjoy doing together. -Bobbi Sharbutt