Individual Box FAQs


  1. What is Connectivities?

Connectivities is a monthly subscription box of activities for single and group settings.  In addition to the activity materials that come in the box, subscribers have access to high quality instructional support videos, monthly music therapy and exercise videos, and a private Facebook Group community.


  1. What comes in a box?

There is everything you need to complete 8 activities.  Each activity is packaged separately and has printed step-by-step instructions that offer therapy goals, differentiation for if the activity seems too hard or too easy, as well as video instructional supports to ensure that everyone can be successful with each activity.  We do not provide water or scissors in the box, and these items may be needed occasionally.


  1. Who should order this box?

The Connectivities Family box is not just for families!  It is designed to be done either one-on-one or as a very small group.   It is appropriate for one-on-one implementation such as a parent and child, spouses, caregiver and client, or therapist and patient.  The activities can also be completed in multigenerational settings such as grandchildren and grandparents, etc. 


  1. Are there different types of activities?

Yes!  Our team works hard to develop activities that highlight all different kinds of strengths.  The therapy goals on each instructional guide outline the different areas that each activity covers.  We also provide a chart that shows the different areas that each activity addresses, such as writing, reminiscing, movement, music, language, problem-solving, etc.  The activities range from crafts, to games, to poetry, and connecting with nature to name a few!


  1. What else comes with my subscription?

So many additions and supports come with your subscription! Each month we create a new themed exercise and music therapy video for our subscribers.  Every activity comes with at least one instructional support video.  When you scan the QR code on the label you will be take to a special web page for that month.  There you will find our music and exercise videos and all of the instructional videos.  Each activity will have at least one of our three types of videos.  These videos are:  Connectivities Clips- show the activity from beginning to end in 30 seconds or less.  Watch these first to get an idea of what the activity is.  Do Togethers- these videos are for you to do the activity along with us.  They are usually around 10 minutes long and we will guide you through each step.  You can pause or rewind the video as needed to complete the activity. How to Videos are to be watched in advance to show different ways the activity can be done.  We also have a Private Facebook Group see separate paragraph for that 😊.


  1. How will the Private Facebook Group provide community for me?

One of the benefits of a private Facebook group is that is gives us a safe space to connect in real time.  Our Connectivities team can hold special FB LIVE sessions just for you!  We can share resources, our videos and support for you right there.  You can interact with your peers.  People who are going through something similar to you.  You can share your challenges and support each other, while we are working to support all of you!  We will listen too!  This will help us continue to improve Connectivities and everything that comes along with it.  It’s a win win!


  1. How do I get the videos on a bigger screen?

Included in your box is a list of URL’s for each video.  You can go to your YouTube app on your TV and type in the specific URL for the specific video you are looking for. 


  1. What if I can’t get someone I’m working with to do any of the activities?

It is super common for people living with dementia to answer “no” to most questions.  Be sure that your approach is in line with that person’s preferences and what they are comfortable with.  We suggest Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach to Care as a great way to approach people living with dementia in general.  If someone tells you “no” you may want to ask a different way or tell them something that may make them more open to the activity such as “your grandson is doing something like this in school and he may need some help with his homework.” Another strategy is the just tell them they can watch you do it….and oftentimes they will see what you are doing and want to join in!


  1. Can other staff, families or volunteers lead some of the activities?

Abosulutely!  Connectivities is designed for anyone to be able to do the activities.  Depending on the functional level of the participants, the appropriateness of who does the activities may change.  Overall, we are hoping that Connectivities can be implemented by anyone who would like to give it a try!


  1. What is your process for coming up with activities?

This is one of our favorite things we do!!! First we start with the theme for the month and brainstorm all of the fun topics that go with that theme. Then we start to think about what kind of activities would go along with that topic.  For example in our August box, the theme is vacations.  We came up with the topic of amusement parks, and had a few actual activities to chose from.  Then we look at the different strengths and interests that are represented and make sure they are balanced.  We don’t want too many crafts or too many language oriented activities, but look for a balance of skills represented.  After we have about 10 or 11 activities nailed down, then we trial them with our residents at Prairie Elder Care and our volunteers for Connectivities Crew.  At this point we usually have to drop a couple of activities that just don’t resonate or work in the way we had hoped.  We also use a similar process with our videos to make sure that they are easy enough to follow.  Our goal is to provide activities that have the absolute best possible chance for success with the greatest number of people.